Official Information Dutch SE X2


look what I found thanks to compatible phones in the accessories section:


The answer

Honor 8 Pro Mini-Review: Copycat design with great hardware and software problems We ended up waiting for ourselves>

Watch the new launch of the phone of honor here live>

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Att Pressroom release: Characteristics: Honor 8 Pro Mini-Review: a Copycat design with excellent hardware and software problems we've been

Official version DUTCH WM6 T-Mobile


I did not expect it anymore, but: It seems to be exactly the same file that is displayed in this thread: Honor 8 Pro Mini-Review: a Copycat de

Velocity 1.2 Official Official Official Information


Heyas! Long not see, I was (as usual) very busy. I made the mistake of selling my ally to a friend who needed a VZW phone, and since then I have not had a way to finish 1.2 for my taste. One of my beta testers came to see me today, which was surprisi

12 custom / official roms


Chando credit FIRMWARE RELEASES: firmware files, benefits and bugs for the Flytouch2 v2 / Superpad 2 This message is intended to track firmware versions, known issues, and known fixes. Please post a comment on any additional firmware you have tested

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I just got out of the phone with AT & T Business a moment ago. Here is the latest update: I approached the technician for another problem and before letting go, I discussed a little about the GPS issue. He said he did not know anything else that I ha

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Hello, Does anyone know if there is already an official HTC Dutch ROM available for the HTC Touch Cruise? I would try some of the ROMs available in this forum, but I want to be able to go back to the original Dutch ROM in case of problems. To fart He

Release date rumor / price information.


Confirmed: At $ 599 out of contract $ 249 new / upgrade Walmart $ 599 rebate Update of $ 199 Sam's club ??? of $ 249 upgrade Best Buy $ 649 Discount $ 249 upgrade NOV 6th Boys and girls ... you get 4g of goodness! $ 249 upgrade / new line the plans a