Linux-swap calibration


I searched and did not really find any common thread or answer ...

I'm using CM 4.1.999 currently (4.0.4 previously) with linux-swap exclusively, and I've tried other ROMs too.

At the moment, I have an 8gb class 6 SD with 4 partitions: remains FAT32, 500MB ext3, ~ 40MB linux-swap, and ~ 200MB linux-swap. I created both swap partitions because many of the threads I read categorically do not go above 32MB (no explanation), but others also categorically indicate using about 200MB for Hero ROMs .

So, my question is, what is it, and why? Why the limit of 32 MB? Why not 196MB? Why the disparity between "basic" ROM recommendations and Hero ROM recommendations? In addition to "it's going slower", is there an answer to the question of why this makes it slow down with certain types of ROMs, and is there a way to mitigate it?

In addition, regarding the swappiness, how do we benchmark it? What does swappiness mean? I saw that in user.conf the default is 60, but I have seen some people use 32 MB swap partitions with 40 swappiness, or 200 MB with 100 swappiness, as well as 96 MB with 80 swappiness. So, who is it, and how do we know what is good for us besides the countless iterations of tuning, rebooting, testing, tuning, rebooting, testing, etc.?

If I have missed a link or thread with the information I am looking for, please let me know so that I can do my research; A simple explanation or recommendation would be the key, though ... just trying to learn as much as I can!

Thank you! As a long time XDA user, I always appreciate the community's involvement and the innovation that is happening here !!

The answer

I do not like repartitioning either haha ​​but I use 96mb on the cyan rom (I change between the hero and the cyan) I had no problem with them

The limit of 32 MB was more or less an experimental guess made some time ago. it seems dated.

make sure you only have 1 swap partition. this could potentially cause problems

So, you should be fine with 64-96mb

The reason there is no definitive parameter that maximizes performance is due to ROM differences. What works on one rom may not work as well in another. In addition, many people perceive the speed of their parameters differently and suggest what they believe to be fast.

The best way to find what suits you best is to experiment with different settings and see what fits your needs