LG Ally SD Card Switch


First posted here in the Ally forums. I manage a Droid2 and the GF has the Ally. We rooted it the other day and put Velocity 0.4, which is great. The only thing I wonder is that I took a good deal on two SD 16GB class 6. I will put one in my Droid2 which will be an easy exchange. Now for the Ally ...

The Ally currently has the 4GB stock map. I configured A2SD on the phone and I made a 512 MB partition on the stock card. Now I wonder what is the simplest and easiest way to change the map? Is there a way to copy the applications on the current SD card to the new one? I know that with the regular SD card partition, I can do everything through the PC, but I have not seen anything on the PC on the ext partition.

I hope someone has a quick tip, and maybe it was a stupid question, but just look for help on Ally. Thank you in advance!

The answer

Guide to updating the SD card from class 2-4 to class 6
1) Go to the ROM Manager and restart on recovery or turn off the phone, then hold SEND + MENU + PWR and release it when you see the LG logo.
2) Back up your NAND and ext3 with NANDROID. You have now saved the ext3 partition.

3) Go to the partition menu -> mount the USB storage, then save the SD card to XP then finish the USB support
3) Use the power button to turn off or just pull the battery
4) Place the SD card in the
5) Start Waiting SEND + MENU + PWR and release when you see the LG logo.
6) Goto Advanced -> SD Card Partition (if the partition setting is not there, then turn off the phone to reinsert the old SD card and use the Amon-RA Recovery that can be found with the ROM driver)
7) Go to the partition menu -> mount the USB storage, then restore the XP SD card and then finish the USB support
8) Clean data / Factory reset and make in advance -> Clear Davlik cache for moans and laughs
8) Restore your NAND and ext3 with NANDROID mode. You now have the ext3 partition restored.

If you have problems or bugs I guess you should just restore your nand with old sd applications and backup applications with a backup tool for a new titanium or velocitys application and reinstall the ROM.