Keyboard - Are you happy?


Hi everybody,

I tried for several days to find a word on what it is to type on the keyboard TD2 / Pure and I can not find something substantial. I like the look of the phone and think I want one. However, I need to know from someone who has had for a moment what it is to hit on every day. Speaking for me, I have short fingers and short thumbs. Is it a problem? Will I end up using the stylus most of the time?

In addition, in the store, the keyboard does not move to the landscape in messaging applications. When I tried to use it in Word, it stayed in portrait mode.

Thank you in advance.

The answer

I also have big fingers and no nails. (I bite) and I can say that I type very fast on the keyboad. I would quickly type on the original HTC Touch and this screen sucked. What I noticed is that people use the tip and / or the pad of their thumb that blocks the screen. I type and use the phone using the inside edge of my thumbs. I get a bettr view of the screen and can type very accurate in portrait mode. I use both thumbs by typing as well.

Oh and that's on the qwerty keyboard. People are surprised at how fast I can hit them. Much faster than using a normal keyboard. (1-9) I would try to test the 20key Qkey if you have problems with the complete Qwrety. type a blackberry.

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