Is there a plugin that will do the same as Zemanta?


I have the Zemanta plugin and, for the most part, it works well. However, this makes blatant mistakes. For example, when I finish writing my blog, and before publishing it, I will pass on one of the text links at the bottom of the editor (a Blogspot blog), for example the word "sauce". The recommendation is "dressing ranch". While sauce and Ranch dressing are both liquid, they are not really the same. If I do the same with an Italian vinaigrette, a dressing ranch will be suggested. I mentioned it to the people of Zemanta, and the "best answer" I could get is that someone encourages holding Ranch.

Is there another Firefox add-on, which works with Blogspot (Blogger), which will do the same as Zemanta?

The answer

Try to search for an addon like this.

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