HTC Hermes / Tytn or HTC Universal?


Okay, a while ago, I gave up my MDA Pro, and it was a total loss.
Fortunately, my insurance covers, and I can now buy a new phone for the same price.
The problem is that there is a new phone on the block, the HTC Tytn, and I'm not sure I wanted another Universal or rather a Tytn.
As far as I see, the benefits of the Universal are: Universal has a bigger screen
Universal has 640x480 (while Tytn has 320x480)
Universal has normal SD cards (so 4 GB, and probably faster), Tytn has a MicroSD that has just reached 2 GB. (And I recently bought a 4 GB SD card)
Universal has a larger keyboard.
Universal has an appropriate headphone jack, while Tytn needs a MiniUSB thing converter (which will probably lose very easily)
And the benefits for Tytn are: Tytn has a 2.0mp camera, while Universal has only 1.3
Tytn a Bluetooth 2
Tytn has Quad-band and all these extras (EDGE, HSPDA, etc.)
Tytn is (supposedly) faster
Tytn is smaller

Another problem is that all stores currently have the HTC Tytn in stock, but nobody seems to be able to sell me a HTC Universal / QTek 9000

Anyway, I was hoping to have some feedback on the phone to buy, and maybe some differences that I have not yet taken into account ...

So, basically, which one should I buy? [/ List]

The answer

I then had college, then I sold it and replaced it with hermes (my current laptop).
I'm missing the great big screen ... but now I download files on the hsdpa network at 1.2 mbps, and if an area is not covered by umts / hsdpa, I can count on the edge (190 Kbit / sec). Imho the Universal is too slow and too big. He bought Hermes for its dimensions! It's a little longer than the assistant, but if you hold it in one hand (with the wheel), you can do everything (except keying, you need two hands)! However, I found the micro-sd much slower when I stick mp3 from my PC, and I miss a 3.5 mm jack!

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