HSDPA and the universal ????


AT & T / Cingular are deploying their HSDPA network and a handful of cities are using it; NOW is the universal capable of this .... I asked a similar question about the UMTS 1900 MHz enabled so that it can be used in states; Certainly, I have been given very good answers, but I am still curious. During the last week I talked to other engineers in my field and I found that a lot of things are possible with the Universal, it has the architecture to support this, SUPPES! Now look at UMTS as a whole; So HSDPA! HSDPA is a software upgrade to the existing UMTS software, that's all! So it is possible that we can have HSDPA on Universal with a radio battery upgrade, I think YES! ... and the bands should also be able to be activated, the current UMTS from 2100 MHz to 1900 MHz, which becomes dual band ... the other is the band GSM 850! This apparently can be activated! ... HOW big questions ... Most HTC are limited by software; Not the hardware ... its existing hardware was built with scalability in mind ... I just hope that someone can find the updates of the radio stack to facilitate this feature!

The answer

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