How many of you use Google to sync calendar and contacts and ...


Exchange to synchronize email because of the fact that you have more options on the email client that comes with the phone as opposed to the basic Gmail program provided with the phone? Is this a good way to go? Is the exchange as fast by pushing email as Google is when it synchronizes as is? Thank you...

The answer

I used gsync to sync several google calendars to outlook as well as gmail contacts to Outlook contacts. I have used it for almost a year and it works well, everything remains in sync. The only thing that sucks so far is that contacts that have photos are automatically compressed on Gmail contacts, so when they appear on the caller ID and elsewhere on the phone they look like an $$ .

I'm dying from a task and notes from Desktop Outlook 2007. Right now, I try. Remember that milk has been synchronized with Astrid for tasks (Astrid seems to be the best for repeatability at my specified times vs. a fixed time by default or no repetition on all other applications of the task.) I'm quite shocked that neither the iphone, nor the meadow or the Android are delivered with a full desktop of Outlook and even more shocked than they have Not a good application of native tasks with repeat intervals.This is the only place where Winmo remains a winner.

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