How do I save a web image to a specific folder on my Mac?


When I try to save an image on my Mac, I have the option to save it in my desktop, in my Docs folder or in some other, but not in a specific folder for different things that I save. I can not scroll through my Documents folders for example and save it in one of them.

I end up saving things on my desk and it will soon be realized.

How do I save to a specific folder, and another one each time I choose.
I can do it in Safari, but prefer Firefox.

Thank you.

The answer

OK - I found "Terminal" and pasted it in this copy line - but that still makes no difference when I'm going to save an image on the web. Looks like it's to have an expanded window open when saving something else.

It looks like I'll have to go back to the safari or I just accept that I save images in my office all the time.