Galaxy S arrives at Verizon as Fascinate!


It looks like the Galaxy S will come to Verizon as the Fascinate.

Samsung Fascinate on Verizon Rounds Out the Galaxy S Family (Phone Scoop)

Maybe just my first Android phone (coming from the Omnia II)

The answer

An excellent phone that has improved once customized roms have become available. For me, it is actually the device without keyboard ideal in terms of size, quality of construction, etc.

Obviously, it's going to be dated now, running WM 6.X (although customized roms can make you 6.5.x and each variant in between) and run a lower processor ... but the video playback is excellent, 720p recording Is good (no catch-up), the audio quality is excellent, the camera with LED flash is also nice.

My biggest complaint would be that the touchscreen is occasionally dubious (not often, just occasionally), which is more a function of the resistive implementation compared to the capacitive in most phones now.

Originally I was between the Droid and this, and it was the winner in the screen, and while I wanted a physical keyboard, the droid tanked IMO keyboard ...

Group always very active on Modaco, build roms and with many international variations, lots of discussions about software ...