Failed to add certificate exception in Firefox 4.0, the appropriate buttons are disabled


I try to access a website from a local network via HTTPS. The Web server uses self-signed certificates, and Firefox has a common "This connection is not configured" window.

In version 3.x, I simply clicked "Add Exception" and then "Confirm Security Exception". In Firefox 4.0, when I click "Add an exception", I see:

"This site provides a valid and verified check. There is no need to add an exception."
The "Permanently save this exception" box and the "Confirm security exception" button are disabled.

I can no longer access this protected site. No suggestion?

The answer

The shit is totally perfect, and I solved my problem. For the good of Google and search indexed, I will repeat Firefox 4 ako exception several times so that people know the same problem - ie Firefox 4 ako exception, ako does not work Firefox 4, can only Not access ako from Firefox 4, and so on - maybe find this explosion.

When you try to open ako with Firefox 4, the usual certificate page is not trusted, and when you click "Add Exception" nothing happens. It could be a bug or extreme security, but it is certainly frustrating.

To access ako with Firefox 4, follow the instructions in the above publication and paste "" when manually configuring the exception.

Thanks a million - I could not for the life of me find where to manually add this, so you saved me a little more headache. Hope that other users trying to access ako with Firefox 4 will find this information, and you will also find it useful.