Download large file does not work


As the title says I have a problem with downloading the video.
I have to create a form that allows to download a file in a folder, it works with photos, and even with videos (or anyway, the .mp4 file).

The problem comes when I try to download large files because PhP fails.
I have already changed the maximum size of the php.ini publication, the maximum file size, the memory limit and even the processing time of the script or enter it, but if that does not work anyway.

Strange things I noticed is that when I try to download large files, my name is php miss name and file extension, even though it works fine with small files.
How can I fix this? Is there a Php command to set on the script, or something else in php.ini, it seems that the php guide does not help me. Thank you

 $extension = pathinfo($_FILES[image]['name'], PATHINFO_EXTENSION); $target = "uploaded/"; $target = $target . $title.'.'.$extension; $pic=($_FILES['image']['name']); //Writes the photo to the server if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['image']['tmp_name'], $target)) { } else {} 

The answer

According to our discussion in the comments, it seems that you have failed to restart the web server after you have modified your php.ini. This file is read at the beginning of the Web server process, not every time a page is accessible. Therefore, any changes made to this file require a restart of the Web server before they affect.

To be clear, restarting the Web server refers to the Web server service, not the operating system on the server.