Curiosity or paranoid? :)


yesterday, I do not use my rhodium. Today, while looking for a file with "total commander" I found a group of files with the time and the date very strange because in these moments I slept. The file names are:

sysyem / pushrouter / clientqueues.vol
ActiveSync / dcounterfile.mmf
opera9 / cache / dcache4.url
opera9 / cookies4.dat
opera9 / urlmap.dat
opera9 / vlink.dat.dat

Is this normal? Can the device try to find the network ??

Thank you

The answer

The strange fact is that when the files were saved, the HTC was off!
I repeated the "experiments" with the same results.

Now, with the official novel of 6.5, it does not happen. I mean, if I search for the latest recorded files, I get the time and date related to when I turn on the HTC.

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