changes to application extensions come back to save or open


A few weeks ago, instead of OPENING a page, I continued to display a pop-up with a choice to open or save an application / x-httpd-php file. I do not want it in the temporary files on my computer, but that's exactly what it does. The default value of "always ask" is fine, but Firefox is not one of the selections available below. I chose "other" again and again, selected Firefox, saved it on the same site and voila - it opens the page, but it is the URL: file: /// C: / Users / Admin / AppData / Local / Temp / VH34Jzs + -1.part I go back to Troubleshooting and I open the application extensions and, of course, it's back to "always ask". I removed mimeTypes.rdf and I rebooted but that did not help.

So I can not get a change of Action for the / xhttpd-php application to remain the preferred action and I do not want it to store on my computer every time I look at a page that owns this type of content.


The answer

This looks like a bad server configuration.

PHP files must be processed by a Web server and you should get the resulting HTML code as text / html.
In such a case you should never select Firefox because Firefox can not handle these files and you can not end up opening with new tabs opening endlessly if you set an automatic action.

Have you installed a server software?

Clear cache and cookies from sites that cause problems.

"Clear cache":

Firefox / Tools> Options> Advanced> Network> Cached Web Content: "Delete Now"

"Delete cookies" from sites generating problems:

Firefox / Tools> Options> Privacy> Cookies: "Show cookies"

You can delete the mimeTypes.rdf file in the Firefox profile folder to reset all the actions in the file.

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