Miért nem magyar nyelvűek has tippek?


A tájékoztatás miért nem magyar nyelvű a tippekben? Köszönöm. Így már világos! Az a helyzet, hogy SUMO-n ( található magyar nyelvű tartalmat spirit önkéntesek fordítják az angol nyelvű változatról. Ezek az oldalak meg nem kerültek

TB responds "Can not parse the command"


I have an operational Gmail account for about 3 years now and a new one I want to use on Thunderbird. I have gone through all the correct installation procedures as detailed in the GMail / TB configuration pages. The email is confirmed on TB. When I

loss of emails in the inbox


Many times now, when Thunderbird opens, the inbox of both accounts has emptied and no trace of emails can be found, even in the archives. Does anyone have any ideas please? It's on IMAP. which email provider? I understand that there are problems with

how to move outlook contacts to thunderbird?


I moved my Outlook pst into mbox and imported into Thunderbird, but the problem with my contacts. the contacts are stored in the pst file but how to transfer my Outlook pst contacts in Thunderbird? Please provide a real answer, do not provide pst in

can not connect to the outgoing server


I can receive emails, but I can not send them. AT & T sold Yahoo to Verizon and I think that could have created a problem. does not recognize my acct. I spent hours on the phone with technical help, changed my password, reset a compu

Why did my account disappear?


I set up a new Thunderbird account yesterday for my victory. 7 desktop, set up 1 email account that worked fine until 20 minutes ago but when i double-clicked on the icon to check the latest posts, the account went missing and needs to be reinstalled

Thunderbird locked up does not answer


Thunderbird has automatically uploaded a new update today. Later, after sorting the received email by "de" category, nothing works! It does not show emails when I click on it, it does not allow me to go back to sort by time received (it used to

Received message: Add a security exception


I can not leave this message in my email: "Add a security exception: you are about to replace the way Thunderbird identifies this site." macinyart, you are not the PO. Please start a new topic for your problem and provide as much detail as possi