Captch does not work at all, I tired everything


It's been two months since I had this problem. Captcha does not work on my FF browser, and I have tried everything. I use 3 different browsers other than FF and Captcha works on all without any problem. Can someone help? If you use extensions ("3-bar

Why firefox will not download videos


Firefox stopped by allowing me to download videos from any site but especially YouTube. I'm using Video Download Helper and it will not work now. I also use YouTube MP3 Podcaster which stops working too. What's wrong? This seems to be a special case

firefox mime type add bad extension


With a spreadsheet such as application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet . If a similar MIME-TYPE file has already been downloaded, then when you try to open it, frefox will add a .xlsx to the correct .xls extension, which makes i

Dab the entire video or enlarge the buffer


Hi everybody, so for some versions, I noticed a difference in video buffering. Firefox now buffers a very small amount of video, as is the case when mediasource extensions are enabled. I turned them off but the videos were usually downloaded automati

mime type not supported on videos


Hi, recently I have problems on the game receiving videos that the mime type is not supported and also I can not see videos on social networks like Twitter, im using this site to test html5 / tests / video.html and the vide