Bluetooth headset Name of the caller


Does anyone know a bluetooth headset that displays the caller's name and works with my Jasat JAM?

I investigated the Jabra BT800, but as far as I understand it only displays the caller ID, not the name of the caller

As I studied more, I found an extension that can be added to Windows Mobile to take the name of the caller from Pocket Outlook. Here is the link:

Do you think this can work with the Jabra BT800 or is not that what I think?

If someone has experience in this subject, share.

The answer

I never managed to operate the Jetware with my Nokia HS12w.

They continue to release beta versions, in which the corrected issues are related to the Nokia HS12w. It's been a long time since I tried it (the last time I tried was 1.22%), now they're at 1:30 am:

Maybe the time to try it again ...