Azure AD, synchronization services


After deleting some users from my Azure AD (via Windows Azure Active Directory-module for Windows PowerShell)

I have a problem that these users do not sync with the AD Azure.
All new users that I add in the Directoy active on site will be added to the AD Azure without any problems.
But all users who were already in the Azure AD before the delete command will not be re-imported.

I can not recover the users in Azure AD because I have already deleted the recycling bin.

Does anyone know of a solution that can work?

The answer

After contact with the support of Office365.

The solution was quite simple:

1) User input was still present in the metaverse and therefore could not be synchronized

2) I removed the connectors and connectors from the AD and WAAD connectors.

3) Once this was done, I ran the configuration wizard again, but I made sure that I did not run the synchronization cycle after completing the setup wizard

4) Once the OR filtering has been done, I ran the synchronization cycle