ADB Driver - Access Denied


I just installed Windows 7 on my machine and I tried to ADB with my Android because I used it ALWAYS on Windows XP.

I put the phone in debug mode and plugged into my computer and told him the location of the driver. It seems to work fine for a second and then he tells me that there was a problem installing the driver. He says then:


HTC ADB composite device driver (not sure exactly of that ...)

Access is denied

Does anyone else see anything similar on Vista or Windows 7? BTW I already tried this in safe mode as well.

The answer

I have the same problem on an Ideos U8150 and XP ... At one point, it worked (before Cyanogen 7). Since then, I have tried many driver packages, specific to my phone and generic, and I was unlucky after missing access denied. I even went so far as to change the registry permission and check all the permissions on my file ... I'm puzzled.